Sunday, 11 October 2015

Postcards from...Mykonos | Greece ~ Part Two

<br>The sky had clouded over when we woke up on Monday morning, so it was the perfect opportunity to get out on the quads to explore the rest of the island.

At least, exploring the rest of the island was the plan - factoring in the winding roads, a top speed of 55mph (a proud moment), the time, effort and Chris' interesting (yet surprisingly successful) technique of actually getting our quad bike UP hills, and a beverage stop...we didn't really get very far.

There were some roads that were just completely impractical to try and navigate the quads down, because they were so steep that we would have never got them back up!

<br>We stopped off at Super Paradise Beach for drinks - on a sunny day in peak season, this is one of the islands top attractions for party goers (and home to some very...interesting...memorabilia!) but as it was so overcast and the end of September, the vibe wasn't the best so we didn't stick around.

Instead, we set off again in search of lunch, which we found right at the heart of the island, quite by chance. If you find yourself in Ano Mera, stop in at Paprika for a meal. We had been driving for quite a while and it was a case of 'stop at the next restaurant we see', which just happened to serve some of the loveliest food we had eaten so far on the trip. Chris had been desperate to try gyros (Greek kebab), and what better place to try them than at a restaurant serving up traditional Greek cuisine. We both ordered the chicken gyros which were amazing. The Mykonian sausage was also a winner round the table!

That night, we ventured into Mykonos Town for what turned out to be a hilarious, very drunken night with some members of our party getting more than their fair share of attention from the men (!) and ending with gyros from Jimmys (an absolute must!) at 3am. The only photo I have from the night pretty much sums it up...

Tuesday, our final day, was spent recovering from the previous nights antics on the beach in the sun at Pasaji, before the guys cooked a BBQ back at the villa for our last night in beautiful Mykonos.

There was only one thing to be done on the final morning before we set off to go our respective ways...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves :)
Mykonos really is a beautiful island - I would go back purely to spend the whole time eating gyros, and getting lost in the winding streets of Mykonos town. Maybe stopping off now and then for the occasional Nutella crepe... :)

* Cobbled streets, winding steps and hills galore = no place for high heels. Ladies, opt for pretty sandals instead!
* Rent out quad bikes and explore!
* Have gyros from Jimmys in Mykonos Town - you won't regret it.
* Leave plenty of time to check in at the airport - just because Mykonos airport is tiny and only has two terminals, it can still be absolute chaos to get through check-in and passport control (talking from experience!)

Have you been to Mykonos?


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