Sunday, 11 October 2015

Postcards from...Mykonos | Greece ~ Part Two

<br>The sky had clouded over when we woke up on Monday morning, so it was the perfect opportunity to get out on the quads to explore the rest of the island.

At least, exploring the rest of the island was the plan - factoring in the winding roads, a top speed of 55mph (a proud moment), the time, effort and Chris' interesting (yet surprisingly successful) technique of actually getting our quad bike UP hills, and a beverage stop...we didn't really get very far.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Postcards from...Mykonos | Greece ~ Part One

The idea of a mini break to Mykonos was born over dinner with my favourite Aussie, Chris.

Naturally, talk turned to travel; Chris and a group of friends had booked to spend a fortnight exploring Greece, hopping from Athens, to Mykonos, to Santorini before connecting in Athens again to fly back to Doha,  and he very kindly invited me to join them on their trip.